Behind Crimson Eyes New Single Stardust

Behind Crimson Eyes donating 25% of royalties from this single Stardust to charity

Behind Crimson Eyes new single “Stardust” came out today and marks the release of the single for the band I shared the prelude track to this the other day and was excited to listen

to this.And I really love the sound and the message the band has with Stardust it’s all about striving to make the world a better place, value the relationships we have, and make the

most of this life while we can because we only have one life we won’t get a second chance.

And the band are backing that up by donating 25% of royalties from the single “Stardust” to the following charities and

to try to help people less fortunate live more fulfilling lives.

Here is a short statement from Behind Crimson Eyes about the new music

“It’s been 11 years since we released A Revelation for Despair, and 9 years since we released Self-Titled. It’s over this period we realised just how fleeting and precious the time we have on this earth is. With that in mind, we decided that Behind Crimson Eyes should serve to inspire people to make a positive impact on the world; to improve the happiness and well-being for everyone, now, and in the future. Stardust marks a new beginning for Behind Crimson Eyes; one of purpose and ambition. We believe this will be the most important and heaviest music we have ever written.”

Behind Crimson Eyes are playing UNIFY next year in Victoria Australia in January 2018 alongside Parkway Drive, Architects, The Amity Affliction and a whole heap of others check it out

check out the links below for the band details and links to purchase single

Behind Crimson Eyes are

Josh Stuart: Vocals

Liam Hennesy: Guitar

Aaron Schultz: Guitar/backing vocals

Garth Buchanan: Drums



…Jai CRANNK \m/




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