Sydney’s metalcore powerhouse, Bury Me, is poised to redefine their sound with the release of their latest single, “Wayward”, set to drop on the 23rd of February. The transformative track not only introduces a dynamic shift in the band’s lineup but also showcases a more refined direction that seamlessly blends clean vocals with aggressive, heavier sections in ways previously unexplored by the group.

The catalyst for this evolution lies in the addition of vocalist Joel Mctaggart and drummer Andrew Spice, whose impact has been nothing short of profound. Not without mentioning is that the band enlisted renowned Sydney producer Mackenzie Begg for this hard hitting track. Under Mackenzie’s expert guidance the group have managed to maintain their core essence of heavy breakdowns, reminiscent to that of Bury Your Dead and Emmure, whilst also embracing a more mature and modern direction, allowing them to explore a more melodic side to their sound.

The song lyrically delves into the notion of being a “wayward” individual in a complex and uncertain world, where the understanding of your purpose is elusive. Despite the disorientation, the lyrics hopefully suggest that embracing this ambiguity can be profoundly liberating. The lyrics convey a message of acceptance, acknowledging that the lack of clarity regarding your purpose can be a source of strength rather than a source of anxiety. This theme is expressed perfectly through the delivery of the line “Hell burns bright, but we burn stronger”.

Stream ‘Wayward’ here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3kuRv…

Produced, Mixed, Mastered and Co-Written by MJB audio https://www.mjbaudio.com/

AI Visualiser by Guy Vears https://www.neckupcollective.com/

Check out more Bury Me here: https://www.facebook.com/burymeaus https://www.instagram.com/burymeaus


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