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Gothic sensation Contracult has just unveiled their latest single, “My Episode,” now available on all major platforms courtesy of the renowned Art is War Records. The single is from their upcoming EP The Process, due out on March 1, 2024. Delving into the intricate realms of the human psyche, “My Episode” takes listeners on a poignant first-person odyssey, shedding light on the challenges of navigating life with Bipolar Disorder. In the haunting lyrics, vocalist Travis Bacon articulates, _”‘My Episode’ is a first person journey about living with bipolar disorder. While existence is a constant struggle, we’re only as sick as society makes us.”

This is the all-encompassing motive behind the 2-piece industrial metal band Contracult. Comprised of the scorching stylings of Travis Bacon and Nicholas Emde, the Los Angeles-based goth outfit has become a beacon for dark culture, creating a safe and reliable space for fellow outcasts.

Discussing themes of pain, mental health, kink/BDSM, queerness, and the discontent of artistry in the modern world, Contracult takes pride in offering something different, fresh, and hot to the touch. Having found themselves playing in a metal band dubbed White Widows Pact, Bacon and Emde realized their shared interest in industrial music’s big hooks and fierce guitars.

Although it wasn’t necessarily a popular sound, it fueled their fire. “Be the band you want to hear even if it’s contrary to what’s popular at the time. Be the contrary, contradict, Contracult,” notes the band. Today, Contracult has amassed thousands of monthly listeners across streaming platforms while exploding stages at Welcome to Rockville 2021, Louder Than Life 2021, and Aftershock 2021.

Smashing racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia along the way, Contracult is currently cleaning its slate, releasing a series of remixes on their popularsongs for the rest of 2023. But what should we expect in the new year? A focused, darker, and evolved sound with inspiration from acts like NIN, Fear Factory, Ghostmane, Front Line Assembly, Ministry, Paradise Lost, and Type O Negative.Contracult:

Vocals/Production: Travis Bacon
Guitar: Nick Emde

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