Crannk Chats With Illyria Vocalist/Guitarist Ilija

Western Australia’s Post-black metal group Illyria are back with a brand new single “Frostbite” which displays a technical, catchy prog-rock, metal blend, with clean and blackened vocals. Some of you may have caught the review I did last year for their amazing album “The Carpathian Summit” which is still one of my favourite album from 2019, so I took this opportunity to catch up with the extremely talented frontman, vocalist, guitarist, Ilija Stajic for a chat about Illyria, journeys and the latest single “Frostbite”.

Illyria is

 Ilija Stajić  Vocals and Guitar, 

André Avila Guitar

Stephen Barrett Guitar

Daniel Hacking Bass

Matt Unkovich Drums

Illyria’s new single “Frostbite” is out now and available to stream on iTunes & Apple Music/Spotify/Google Play and all good online stores and streaming outlets.

Illyria Bandcamp

Illyria Facebook


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