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Melbourne band BLKLST are a band on the rise bringing a fresh new take on metal core and nu metal they had a huge 2018 off the back of the Hard To Swallow EP
and the singles ‘Hypocrite‘ and ‘Phase‘ which seen a huge increase in their fan base through spotify and live shows through out Australia. BLKLST are back with a new EP Spider Love which is due out June 7th. The first single off the Ep is “They All Look The Same“and features Aidan Ellaz of Dealer. Recently BLKLST took some time out and went through a few questions about the band and the new Ep.

BLKLST thank you so much for making the time to go through a few questions for Crannk and Myself Jai ‘That Aussie metal Guy’ I really appreciate it. I first heard you guys last year when I had a show going for Blunt Force Stereo with your Hard To Swallow EP which I think is your 2nd EP and was instantly impressed with your sound and style,

Jai Q:But for those who haven’t heard of BLKLST who are BLKLST and how did you guys form?

Drue and both James’ started the band after our previous band broke up.


Vocals – Joshua Westwick

Drums – Drue Herring

Guitar – Justin Murphy

Bass – Evan Lee

Studio Members – James Gracie and James McClurg

Jai Q:How would you describe your sound?

Different to whats currently around. A modern spin on Nu-Metal.

Jai Q: When and how did you first get into playing music?

We’ve all been playing music since high school and we got into playing from the love of listening. 

Jai Q:How did you first get into heavy metal music?

Family and friends. Metallica \m/

Jai Q:Who are some of the people that have inspired and influenced you as a musician?

Corey Taylor, Manson, Jonathon Davis, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Gene Hoglan, 

Jai Q:I recently caught and snapped BLKLST in Adelaide on the recent run of shows with Heistfest, what was that run of shows with The From Crisis To Collapse, 36 Crazyfists and Superheist like?

Amazing. Great bunch of dudes and really fun shows. It was awesome to play with bands that have been around for so long and that are greatly respected in the heavy music community. 

Jai Q:The most recent single for you guys is the track They All Look the Same (feat. Aidan of Dealer) from the forthcoming Spider Love Ep due June 7th can you tell us a little about the track and what it means for you?

It’s about being different in society. Feeling excluded from the ‘rat race’ and feeling there’s more to life whilst coming to terms with living in the self contained prison of the 9-5.

Jai Q: As I just mentioned the new Ep Spider Love is due on June 7 and is a really great ep the listeners and fans of you guys are in for a treat can you tell me how you approached the song writing and song creation on Spider Love?Musically: initially James & James set out to create a full length record (which then got split into 2 EP’s) with varying sounds and themes that would all tie in together. Each track has its own musical formula, written and produced over the course of two years.

Vocally: Trying to compliment the music as much as possible whilst trying to delve deeper on a personal level lyrically. 

Jai Q;Can I ask about the track and ep’s name sake Spider Love what does this track mean for you?

Its about letting something you love consume you.

Jai Q:Can you tell us a little about the recording process on Spider Love?

We recorded it back in 2017 at STL studios Sydney along with our last EP Hard To Swallow so we’ve been sitting on it for quite awhile. We re did some vocals back down here along with the mix and master at The Loud Noise Estate, and added 2 new tracks (Shut Off and Something Inside me) so it was a lot more spread out than we are used too.

Jai Q: Spider Love is due to drop on June 7 what have you guys got planned for launch and what else has BLKLST got planned at this stage going into the rest of 2019?

Headline shows, support slots and tours. 

BLKLST BandcampFacebook

BLKLST new EP ‘Spider Love‘ will see its release on Friday June 7 and is available for Pre-Order from all good online outlets and streaming platforms. 

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