Crannk Interviews Chloe Trujillo & Mark Dalbeth- Rav Medic

I recently caught up with Artist/Musician Chloe Trujillo and Mark Dalbeth of Rav Medic/Bellusira, among other things to talk about the track that they teamed up for “LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE“, working together, future collaborations, and a whole lot more.

Chloe Trujillo & Mark Dalbeth have teamed up on the heavy new track “Lightning Strikes Twice”, which features Chloe on Vocals, Mark on Guitar & Bass, along with the addition of Nick Oshiro (Seether/Static-X) on Drums & Robbie Cutting (Chasing Lana) on Lead Guitar. Chloe who is both an Artist & Musician has been prolific with releasing new music every month since January and Mark has just come off the back of his ‘Rav Medic’ album release earlier this year. He also has his new EDM project ‘Future Colors’ debut single out soon. Born in Paris, France Chloe has immersed herself in the Art/Music world from a young age. Her music is infused with anything from Rap, Metal, Gypsy & Blues. She is also the Wife of Robert Trujillo of Metallica/Suicidal Tendencies. Mark who is originally from New Zealand, made the move to Australia and started Rock outfit ‘Bellusira’ who went on to release two notable albums and move to America briefly under management from Will Hunt (Evanescence). The band toured the States a few times and had Koichi Fukuda from Static-X take over Guitar duties. Once that project came to an end, Mark decided to stay in America and continue his musical pursuit.

Lightning Strikes twice by Chloe Trujillo and Rav Medic

Mixed by – Adam Teller @ Avalon Audio Mastered by – Luke Pimental (Multi-Gold, Platinum & Diamond Engineer) Chloe Trujillo – Vocals

Nick Oshiro (Seether/Static-X) – Drums

Robbie Cutting (Chasing Lana) –

Lead Guitar Adam Teller –

Backing Vox Mark Dalbeth – Bass/Guitar/Synth


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