Crannk Interviews-Death Scythe -Gerardo Mendoza

Hailing out of the Yucatan in Mexico Melodic Metal Band Death Scythe, marked their return with the 2020 album “Descending into Xibalba” which was selected by the editors of Metal Injection as one of the top 10 best underground metal albums of 2020 at number 4. Death Scythe is not slowing down at all, this year releasing two new singles “Wind” & “Killer Faith” and another full-length album on the way, I caught up with frontman Gerardo Mendoza to talk all things Death Scythe.

DEATH SCYTHE is a Melodic Death Metal Band from Mérida, Yucatán, México. Formed in 2003 by Roberto Cervera and Gerardo Mendoza with the only goal of playing pure melodic death metal. In 2006 they release their first self-produced demo called Hollow Darkness. After years in the underground scene of Yucatan the band released in October of 2008 their debut album Killing for Pleasure with 15 songs. The album included “Hollow Darkness” song that made them gain popularity in the local scene. The “Killing for Pleasure Tour” included cities like Mérida, México City, Cancun and Cd. del Carmen. After this DEATH SCYTHE sadly but temporarily split, leaving their future uncertain. After nine years of silence, DEATH SCYTHE made their return as an active band in June of 2018 with a live concert and started to work on new songs. In 2020, 12 years since their debut album, DEATH SCYTHE released their album Descending Into Xibalba in February of 2020.

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