Crannk Interviews KING Guitarist David Hill

Australian Blackened Death Metal heavyweights KING return to the front with the recent release of their highly anticipated second album “Coldest Of Cold” through Indie Recordings(Worldwide) and EVP Recordings(Australia & NZ) and follows on from the rallying cry that is the phenomenal 2016 debut “Reclaim The Darkness”.

KING are masters at creating triumphant dark melodic metal having spent the last two years writing, creating, crafting and focusing in on the vision that is “Coldest Of Cold“to truly make an album that delivers in scope and scale taking the listener on a journey into the blackened metal abyss.

Recently Jai caught up with David Hill Guitarist and co-founder of KING to have a chat about the latest album “Coldest Of Cold” and all other things KING.

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KING are Tony Forde – Vocals
David Hill – Guitar
David Haley – Drums


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