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Rising out of the unholy deep dark depths of the bible belt in Charlotte, USA are Krvsade a band that delivers a mix of face-melting thrash with mind-shattering elements of death and black metal to create a visceral heavy metal assault on the senses.

Krvsade released their debut EP “Militum Infernum” in 2017 and also seen them play a number of live shows and develop a solid uncompromising live set. Krvsade is firing on all cylinders and boasting some changes, they really have developed an impressive sound and are now ready to unleash their second Ep “Judgement Day” upon the world on January 31st.

Jai recently caught up with Andre(Guitarist/Vocalist) from Krvsade to really dive into the forthcoming “Judgement Day” Ep track by track, the cover art, how they formed, and all things Krvsade. \m/

Jai Q; So first off who are Krvsade and how would you describe your sound?
Andre: Krvsade is a four-piece extreme metal band from North Carolina. The best way to describe our sound is extreme metal. We borrow influences from multiple subgenres of metal such as; death, thrash, black and even some progressive metal.

Q: How and when did Krvsade form?
Andre: Krvsade was formed in 2016 but the idea of it was long before that. When I first wanted to play the guitar I knew I wanted to play fast. I moved around in my teenage years and didn’t really have time for a band but when I settled in NC I found a group of guys that dug what I was making and wanted to rock

Q: How did you first get into heavy metal and what was your first metal album?
Andre: I first got into metal watching Vh1 classics. Every Saturday morning they would have this like four-hour heavy metal block. Everything from Ratt and Poison to Metallica and Nuclear Assualt. Just all 80s metal and It was awesome. My first metal album was “Piece of Mind” by Iron Maiden.

Q; Who are some of the people or bands that have helped inspire and influence you as a musician?
Andre: My influences include Metallica, Pantera, Slayer, Death and Sepultura.

Q; So how and when did you first get into start playing Guitar/Bass/Drums?
Andre: When I was about 12, I started my musical journey with a guitar hero 3. From there I wanted to learn real guitar.

Q; What was your first guitar/bass/drum kit
Andre: It was a crappy first act guitar
Arthur: My first guitar was unbranded but the first guitar I had that was branded was an Abilene ALK 35 electric
Jeb: Squire P bass
Keegan: Cheap pearl set

Q; And what Guitar/bass/drum kit are Y’all using now?
Andre: Now I rock an Ibanez Falchion. Wicked shape and plays like a dream.
Art: Jackson Kelly.
Jeb: Jackson Kelly bird js3.
Keegan: Tama Superstar Classic 7 piece kit.

Q: So Krvsade has had a few changes since your first release can you tell us about those and why you feel you need to change things up for the Latest EP “Judgement Day”?
Andre: It’s just maturing and getting to know your instrument and style more. When we first started it was just wanting to play fast and loud. Now we have a better idea of what our sound is, we can better refine it. We can write songs and right away say “Eh that isn’t a Krvsade song”, or “Yup this fits perfectly”. It wasn’t really a drastic change as I see it more as an evolution.

Q: The Judgement Day cover is of a painting from 1435 by Stefan Lochner called “Last Judgement” can you tell us why you went with this artwork?
Andre: It just spoke out to me. It perfectly encapsulated what the title “Judgement day” says. I also love when a band’s artwork coincides with what the music and overall theme of the project are saying. So when I decided it had to be the artwork I contacted a museum in Germany to get permission and now it’s our cover art.
Q: Can you tell us a little about how you approached the songwriting and song creation for “Judgment Day”?
Andre: Songwriting was pretty quick. Wanted a record with range. So fast in your fast, slower and brooding and song that’s in between both. Just to show our range a little bit more, we have songs that can do it all and wanted to really show that with this EP.

Q; What was the recording and production process like and who did you work with on “Judgement Day”?
Andre: We recorded with Barry Sams out of Skinn Jakkitt Studio. Barry is awesome and it was cool recording with someone who had never heard us before. Each song he was going in blind and hearing opinions from an outsider really help tighten up songs.

Q: Can we walk through the tracks on “Judgement Day” and you explain a little about what that track means for you starting with track 1 “Judgement Day”
Andre: Judgement day is the first song on the EP. It helps show our change from “Militum Infernum”. The song is fast and unrelenting, but still has its melodic parts. which furthers says “hey, this is Krvsade” It also further explains our style which is mashing the old and new school together.

No photo description available.

“Keep In Church”
This song is a big middle finger to all that use religion as an excuse to be an awful person.
Anywhere in the world, you can see that happen but living in the bible belt of the good ol’ US of A you see it a lot. So the lyrics are me just kind of ranting about that. It says mind your own business and if you don’t like something walk away, or go find somewhere or someone else to be around.

“The Key And The Gate”
The ultimate guide in evil. This song is from the perspective of someone summoning the outer god Yog Sothoth. They want to gain knowledge and they don’t care about the risk. It’s a shorter song in the lyric department but the music takes over and further explains the person’s descent into madness.

Q; So 2019 has just wrapped up did you have any musical highlights for 2019 and what are you looking forward to in 2020?
Andre: we were very quiet in 2019, mostly rehearsing the new shit and trying out guitarist to fill the lineup. The new guy Arthur is damn good and he compliments my style well since we both have similar influences. Other than that, it was rehearsal, recording and more practice getting ready the global domination after “Judgement Day” drops.

Cheers Krvsade for taking some time and going through these and congratulations on the latest release “Judgement Day”
Kind Regards and horns raised Jai Anderson and Crannk
Andre: Thank you for taking interest in us and look forward to talking to ya again!






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