Crannk Interviews Mexican Thrashers Strike Master

South America has always had some unbelievably great metal bands and Mexican masters of thrash Strike Master are one of these such bands. Formed around 2005 by Col.KMU five albums in Vicious Nightmare, Inflexible Steel EP, Majestic Strike, U.F.T.M, Strike Master self-titled, and countless hours live throughout North and South America Strike Master have well and truly established themselves in the scene. Strike Master are due to drop their latest thrash metal masterpiece in Death Based Illusions due for worldwide release on the 17th of November. Recently Crannk caught up with Strike Master .

Strike Master thank you so much for taking some time to go through some questions for myself (Jai Anderson),our readers, and Crannk and giving us a chance to know a little more about the Strike Master.

Q;First off who are Strike Master ?
R: We are a thrash metal band from Mexico city, 13 years old, hungry for metal

Q: How did Strike Master form?
R: As friends decided to form a thrash metal band back in 2005

Q; How and when did you first get into heavy metal
R:Just watching TV suddenly Metallica appeared and theres were I got hooked

Q: What was the first metal album you got ?
R:Metallica Reload 1998

Q; How and when did you first start playing Guitar, Bass, Drums ?
R: My first inspiration was James Hetfield, then Pantera´s Phil Anselmo, and then Slayer, I became a guitarist/vocalist that way

Q; What was your first guitar, bass, drums and do you still have it ?
R: No it was an Aria Pro 2 my father gave me, its gone

Q; What Guitar, bass, drums are you using now?
R: My made in Mexico red Iron bird since 2007, a real battle axe

Q; Who do you feel are some of the people or bands that have helped and influence?
R:Slayer definitely as the most bad ass band in history, all who deny it are a bunch of fucking putos

Q; I must admit I hadn’t heard Strike Master till an email came across my desk and I have to say being an old school thrasher myself my interest was instantly raised and had to go back and check out your back catalog and was very impressed. If you had to pick one track off each release to build a playlist for new listeners starting with the Inflexible Steel EP and working through to the latest forthcoming ep “Death Based Illusions” how would it look?
R: So to give them a complete gama of our work and evolution through the years it would be:
1.-Thrashing the blind school
2.-Messiah of the damned
3.-Black Violence
4.-Mechanic Morals
5.-The Mortarist
6.-A corpseless soul

Q; The latest Ep due to be released worldwide on the 17th is “Death Based Illusions” how did you approach the song writing and song composition for this Ep?
R:We are trying to reach a new level of evolution, strong, heavy, technical, and darkened, all based in our experiences, independence it’s a hard way to survive, but professionalism is something we can reach by our own hands until we get more attention

Q; Can you tell us about the recording and production process for “Death Based Illusions” ?
R: It was a plan we made to throw a small production of 4 songs, a small but very deadly attack of four slides straight to the jugular vein, all recorded, mixed and mastered in SMS studios in Mexico city

Q; If you had to pick a track that you are most proud off of “Death Based Illusions” which one would it be and why?
R: The cosmic owl ritual, it’s the dedication to my father may he rest in peace, an owl, lawyer and a person whom guided me through life with wisdom and strength.

Q; South America and Mexico, in general, has some unbelievably great metal bands who are some of the bands besides yourselves that you recommend checking out and Crannking up?
R: Check out Garrobos, a magnificent thrash/hardcore/punk band since 1997, mosh pit guaranteed

Strike Master thank you so much again for taking some time to go through these questions for Crannk and myself and congratulations on yet another thrasher of a release in “Death Based Illusions” keep crannking that thrash loud and all the best for the rest of 2019.Kind Regards and horns raised Jai Anderson & Crannk
R: thank you back, take care and stay in touch




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