Crannk Interviews Scattered Hamlet-Adam Joad

Driving a full-throttle sound brewed from the essence of Americana, mixed with punk rock attitude and a whole heaping of honky-tonk metal Scattered Hamlet are back with their 3rd full-length album “Stereo Overthrow” which came out 12th of November and I caught up with frontman Adam Joad to talk all things Scattered Hamlet.

SCATTERED HAMLET was formed in 2010 by lead vocalist Adam Joad and has relentlessly toured all over the states with a widespread appeal from their down-to-earth accessibility, blue-collar work ethic, and outlaw vibe. Making an impact from the outset, the title track opens with a burst of energy, distorted guitars, and dynamic vocals. Launching riff after riff the distorted guitars are a fierce force across their tracks, SCATTERED HAMLET creates a compelling sound with intricate guitar leads and mighty rhythms. From the aggressive mood of “Death or Dishonor” befitting a barroom brawl, through to the bluesy rocking “Low Class Blues”, Stereo Overthrow isn’t afraid to explore a variety of styles.

SCATTERED HAMLET has produced a dynamic album that brings bucket loads of attitude, epic riffs and a thriving rock spirit. Not holding back and ploughing through any obstacles that get in their way, Stereo Overthrow is a thrilling road trip of rock and metal not to be missed.

SCATTERED HAMLET is: Adam Joad – Vocals, Guitar, Slide Guitar, Harmonica

Rich Erwin – Bass, Vocals, Jaw’s harp

Grant Jenkins – Drums, Vocals, Percussion

Sean Shepperd – Lead Guitar, Vocals

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