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Suffer The Evenue are a band that I have been Crannking up and rocking out to since I first caught them live supporting Superheist a couple of years ago and since then have managed to catch them a few times live and they never fail to put on a great live set.Suffer The Evenue are currently working on their eagerly awaited debut full length album so I took the chance to catch up with the Suffer The Evenue guys for a quick chat for Crannk and Myself Jai”That Aussie Metal” Guy

Demo ep available at Bandcamp

Hey Guys hope y’all have been well I’m stoked to finally being able to getting around to this cheers for the taking the time to do it as well.

Jai Question;First off who are Suffer The Evenue and how did you guys form?

Suffer Answer;We’re a 4 piece metal act out of Pt Pirie SA. After jamming around in high school amongst the same circle of mates, and playing in different projects for a decade or so, we just decided to catch up and jam it out one arvo. From the first note everything felt comfortable and natural enough to establish something official.

Jai Q;How would you describe the sound of Suffer The Evenue?

Suffer; Without sounding like wankers, we try not to write in any real specific style of metal and write what we feel the song/sound needs at the time. Nothings really off limits. As long as it’s honest.

Jai; When and How did you get into playing music?

Suffer; Music’s always been our main focus. Our informative years were spent by countless of hours of listening to the likes of Pantera, Nirvana, Metallica etc. It’s pretty much our life line, so there was never any other option.

Jai; Who are some of the people you feel have influenced and inspire you as a musician?

Suffer; The list is pretty vast in terms of influences but we tend to dip our toes in Metal/Grunge/Nu-metal and Hardcore punk.

Jai; I first heard Suffer The Evenue when Superheist were running the support slot campaign thing a couple of years ago and I then moshed the hell out at your set.How cool was that show and do you feel helped get your name out a little more and some more exposure for the Suffer crew at least here in SA?

Suffer; In a word yes, because there were a lot of people that went there to see the other bands on the bill, and we feel we made a good impression. Our energetic and easy going approach coupled with a heavy style of music seemed to win us some new fans.    

Jai; I get to catch you guys again at Heavy SA in a few weeks with so many other great South Australian bands but how important are shows like this and New Dead showcasing these amazing metal bands and that the metal fans like myself get along and support the scene?

Suffer; These shows are super important to the scene, but equally as important, are the people that set up shows like these. SA has a massive amount of talent and events like this help to showcase that. We’re stoked Northy from Truth Corroded put us on the bill and can’t wait to bring our best to the table.

Jai; Suffer The Evenue are currently working on some new music can we talk a little about what you guys are working on at the moment?

Suffer; Right now with our debut album in the works, we are capturing a phase of our band that incorporates our inception / us finding our sound / and being able to experiment with our sound whilst also showing a maturity in our writing and development.

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Jai; How are you approaching the song writing and song creation on this?

We always just approach a writing session with an open mind and the ideology that there are no limits. Whatever feels good and keeps us guessing, as well as the listener is what we’re after. It needs to be exciting.

Jai; So you have a new album dropping soon Suffer The Evenue are playing Heavy SA on the 27th what else has Suffer got planned going forward?

Suffer; The next few months will be all about finishing and then promoting the album with hopefully a string of release shows to support it. Then we’ll see if we can back it up by writing a handful of new songs that will define the next era of our band.

Suffer The Evenue Thank you so much for making the time for Crannk and myself I really appreciate it \m/

Suffer The Evenue are
Josh – Vox.
Dom – Guitar.
DT – Bass.
Jay – Drums.

Suffer The Evenue Bandcamp

Suffer The Evenue Facebook


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