Crannk Reviews AETHERIAL “Nameless Horrors”

Aetherial is a 2-piece death metalcore project hailing from Melbourne, Australia formed in 2013.

Nameless Horrors” is their second full-length release following their line up change and prior full length and single releases.

A spoken introduction with a dark atmospheric tone adds a menacing feel before switching into some excellent drumming. Dischordant, chaotic and unrelenting in their aural onslaught while remaining melodic in their approach to death metal and death core which serves to re-introduce Aetherial’s unique sound.

Unique, modern and strong vocals are at the forefront of this release while melodic riffs add an old school death core feel in the vein of Carnifex in “The Grey Empties Itself” and is one of the standout tracks of this release. A melodic switch combined with exceptional drumming and riff heavy guitars adds a suitably brutal track in “The Second Death” and provides another standout track.

The use of breakdowns provide a menacing and aggressive feel while adding another metalcore element to their sound while their groove ridden melodic approach ensures that the listeners remain engaged to their constantly changing influences and musical styles while banging their heads.

A groove heavy approach to their music works extremely well with their uncompromising and unrelenting aggression- Aetherial are reminiscent of both melodic death metal and old school deathcore such as Thy Art is Murder and Black Dahlia Murder and I genuinely enjoyed this release. I look forward to seeing more of Aetherial in the future and hearing their future material.

Aetherial Is:

Shep Sheppard: Vocals/Studio Guitar

Cassandra George: Bass/Lyricist

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