Crannk Reviews Drift Into Black-Patterns Of Light

Alright everyone, so, Drift Into BlackPatterns of Light” is an album that for me required a deep dive into studying the ins and outs of it. In truth it is a concept album, the music spoke to me of hopelessness and grief which slowly makes its way to a ray of hope and knowledge of things being bad before they get better but this being a concept album, I could be wrong in my assessment. The final track parallels light part two was probably the most hopeful sounding track on this album. 

The sound of the instruments on this album convey the feelings of hopelessness and again this is just my opinion, i don’t treat it as fact, it’s really up to the listener to fill in the blanks the guitars are so heavy you could probably feel them on your shoulder if you saw this band live. I never seen them, but the riffs and licks are so heavy that i think that they may as well be described in that way. the drumming isn’t bad either and I guarantee you will love the resulting bass if you have a really good speaker set up.

Songs off this album I really liked were, Among the beasts, Burial gown, and Thread of hope. This album really tells a story if you listen carefully. and that is why concept albums need to be listened to all the way from beginning to end because they are more than albums, they tell stories and the best part of these stories being set to music is, you can make your interpretation based on what you listened to. I think what makes this a great album is that the genius behind it, is not restricted to one formula. as musicians, and this is one who has performed before in front of others and writes my own lyrics, we should be innovative but always be true to our background of music. just like the genius who put this album together. if they make more concept albums I’m open to reviewing them because those types of albums because as mentioned above, it told a story from beginning to end. So rock n roll keep the albums coming and let the good times roll. Stay sharp everyone.


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