Crannk Reviews The Arturos self titled EP

While scrolling through the punk groups on facebook last night i came across a post promoting an EP that was released on the 21st of November 2018. 
The Arturos are a 3 piece punk rock band from Brisbane, Australia. Heavily inspired by punk legends The Ramones and a band name inspired by Arturo Vega, the man behind The Ramones iconic logo. 
I streamed the bands debut EP via bandcamp and was immediately hooked, listening to the 6 track EP in one sitting. 
The songs have a familiarity that will resonate with fans of that punky point in time, this band is not breaking new ground on this release but rather helping to keep that old punk rock sound going. If you liked The Ramones sound, you should definitely check The Arturos out. 

The Arturos are
Bobbie Arturo – guitar/vocals Robbie Arturo – bass/vocals
Danny Arturo – drums



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