Crannk Reviews The Clinch – “Basecamp” album

Melbourne’s street punk/oi! band The Clinch has been around since late 2017, they released their debut album “Our Path Is One” in June 2018. The album had an anthemic oi! sound with tough driving verses and big gang vocal choruses, it was a great album and many of the songs received radio play both locally in Australia and abroad. The band featured on “Give Us A Future! Vol. 9″ (8UP Records/Freedom Records) and “Punx In Exile(In Exile Records) in 2018. I got to see them live at Bombay Rock in December that year and they put on a great show. 

The band has played a lot of shows over the last couple of years and have shared the stage with Blowhole, Bulldog Spirit, I Have A Goat, K-Mart Warriors, Monkey Butler, Muscle Car, Protospasm, Stoned To Death, The Cockney Rejects, Uproar, Vicious Circle, Wolfpack and X Stiff Little Fingers to name a few.
In 2019 the band featured on a few compilations including “We Come From A Band Down Under” (Contra Records/Stun Grenade Records) and “Oi! Lis’sen To This Give Depression The Boot!” (8UP Records). The band added a second guitarist and became a 5 piece before recording their second album “Basecamp” during November and December at Goatsound
The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jason Fuller who’s also worked with Blood Duster, King Parrot, Mindsnare, No Class, Private Function. The great cover art is by Sacha Bryning. 
The first song released from the album was “The Chariot” (3:09) on the 19th of December 2019. It starts with some feedback, its got palm-muted power chords and shouty gang vocals. The familiar street punk/Oi! sound of the band is better than ever. The Chariot is the first of 11 new tracks and its a great start. 

The second song released from the album was the title track “Basecamp” (3:03) on the 24th of February 2020. This song got radio play on Rock Bottom (Phoenix FM) its a well written song. 

There are definitely some different sounds creeping into this album though, for example, track 4 “Redstone Caves” (3:21). The song has a great intro that gives off 80’s metal vibes. The second guitar player really shines in this song.
There is also some big rock n roll vibes on track 6 “Alone” (2:02) which had radio play on Shipwrecked SineFM South Yorkshire and Serbian radio show, Break The Silence. Its the shortest song on the album but the injection of rock n roll into the mix with the street punk sound and gang vocals. Lyrically this song is similar to the songs on the last album. 

A highlight of the album is definitely track 5 “Common Goal” (3:30), it’s well written and produced. Samples and feedback start the song with a wicked bass fade-in, it’s such a well-polished song. Another highlight for me was track 10 “We’re Coming Up” (3:21) it had me hooked right from the guitar intro. It has such a dynamic soundscape with breakdown and build up parts but at the same time feels chaotic, fast, and hectic. 
Overall this album is the familiar street punk/Oi! Sound from the last album but with some new noise being injected, like the classic rock sounds. I think this is a solid album with no bad songs and I like the way the band has grown since the last release. 

BASECAMP is now available on vinyl and cassette across Europe!

Vinyl through SB Records:

Cassette through Clockwork Punk:[1724991221164692]_976911885729601

Facebook Link:
Bandcamp Link:

The Clinch are Steve Bunce – vocals

Luke Mathews – guitar

Andy Lynch – guitar

 Brendan McRae – bass

Sam Barker – drums


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