Kombi Killers

The Kombi Killers are an old school punk rock band based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. They have been on my radar for a couple of years now due to playing regular shows with other bands I like but they have been belting out old school inspired punk rock for over a decade already and like most bands they’ve had a few changes in that time. The Kombi Killers have released two EP’s prior to their signing with Riot Records, these EP’s were We Are Robot and Raise Your Flag. Riot Records has some great bands on the roster, you can check out a list here. You can find some of the bands older stuff on youtube and you can find the band on the Triple J Unearthed platform here.

The first Riot Records era single from the Kombi Killers was Don’t Start back on the 22nd of February this year. The official film clip is pretty good, the song itself is a typical high energy punk song with all the trimmings and some catchy shout along vocal hooks. Don’t Start has those old school anarcho-punk vibes, both musically and lyrically, it also has that simplicity that punk songs often have with easy to learn and fun to play guitar parts. The follow up single ScuMo is a little different but still the same style musically and lyrically it takes aim at the current prime minister of Australia, the relatable angst is appealing.

Steve Ingram – Front man and Vocalist Steve was born in England and grew up during the Punk
Revolution. Steve brings his raw and real attitude to every performance.
Dave Small – Smashing the skins, Dave knows his beats! His hard and fast style is a key aspect of the
Kombi Killers sound. Dave plays the kit like he stole it!
Allan Dyer – Slinging the six string is Al. Well respected always cool calm and collected his melodic
fills reflect his smooth and hassle-free style.
Steve Langford – Chopping the other axe is Steve. Known for his no bullshit attitude, Steve brings an
aggressive edge that complements Al’s smooth style. Steve’s aggressiveness can be heard in every
Adam Markovich – Belting out the bottom end with his thrash and hardcore background. Combining
his love for heavy metal and punk rock Adam brings his no compromise attitude to the mix.


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