Lÿnx Bring Rock N’ Roll Badassery To New Heights With “Hell In High Heels” Off Upcoming “Claws Out” Out May 2024

In the heart of Calgary, Canada, Lÿnx‘s creative process lies a tight-knit camaraderie and a commitment to musical excellence. They are gearing up to release their third album “Claws Out” on May 9th, and as that date approaches, they offer a glimpse into what’s to come with the music video for “Hell In High Heels”, out now which they comment on:

“This song was Ja6ur’s Ex. We wanted to express in words the feeling of ‘Forbidden Fruit’ in a sense. When you know it’s gonna hurt but you still need it. Every person has that one volatile relationship, we’ve just given it lyrics.”

A tight-knit quartet, with a collaborative and ego-free approach, the band members, Blade, Fangs, Flash, and Ja6ur, bring their unique influences together to craft the signature Lÿnx sound. Their writing process involves individual and collective efforts, with each member contributing lyrics and musical ideas. From riff to title, from poetry to journal entries, the band molds these elements into hard-hitting, catchy rock n’roll that reflects their shared passion for energizing music. For Lÿnx, collaboration is not just a choice; it’s the secret ingredient that makes their music resonate with the people.

Lÿnx gives their fans the whole experience with this album. If you want to tour downtown with your girl or your boys and crank up the tunes, they’ve got that. If you want to sit back and chill, listen to some good time rock, they’ve got that too. Having a party? Hell Yeah! “Claws Out” should be the first album played because that’s what Lÿnx is. Fans of Skid Row, Mr. Big, and Poison should definitely sink their teeth into this one.

“Claws Out” is due out on May 9, 2024, via Bullzhorn Records and available for pre-order athttps://getlynxed.bandcamp.com.

Album and Live Band Lineup:
Ja6ur- Lead Vocals
Blade- Guitar, Backing Vocals
Fangs- Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Flash- Drums/ Percussion

For more info: Lynxrocks.com | Facebook.com/getlynxed | Instagram.com/lynxrocksofficial | Tiktok.com/@lynx.tok | Twitter.com/get_lynxed


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