Miruthan Announce the “Cult of The Dead” Australian tour and release Latest Offering “Land Of The Damned” 

Miruthan Bring Their Ritual Across The East Coast!

To celebrate the release of their new EP ‘Cult of The Dead’, which drops on April 26th, Miruthan are heading out on their much anticipated first tour across the east coast of Australia and Tasmania. Bringing their ritualistic performances to 11 cities over 3 months.

Their new music paints an apocalyptic narrative of survival and malevolence in the form of dark folklore and Blackened Death Metal. The members, survivors from a dystopian future overrun by the undead, weave their harrowing experiences into twisted folklore, creating a universe unparalleled in its depth and darkness.

In recent months the group has been making a name for themselves with aggressive shows which have been described as “a blood sacrifice in a dark fantasy scene” (Metal-Roos). Join Miruthan as they embark on their triumphant journey to speak the word of evil to the masses.

Miruthan sets the scene ablaze with the release of their latest music video for the spellbinding track, Land Of The Damned. Shot in striking black and white, this visually arresting masterpiece transports viewers into a dystopian realm teeming with mystery and intrigue.

Land Of The Damned, the music video, invites the audiences into a world where shadows dance and folklore comes to life. Featuring a male and female protagonist navigating a treacherous wilderness, the video unfolds with heart-pounding intensity as they find themselves pursued by enigmatic masked figures – portrayed by the band members themselves.

Within the eerie landscape, Miruthan’s members embody captivating characters such as Nzambi – The Zombie God, Mvumbi – also known as Ghost, and the enigmatic Priest, among others. As the narrative unfolds, scenes seamlessly interlace with powerful performances, blurring the lines between reality and ritual.

The video captures the band’s dark aesthetic with stunning precision, juxtaposing picturesque shots of the Australian bush with graffitied ruins, setting the stage for a tale of desperation and survival. The video’s moody black-and-white palette adds depth to its chilling visuals, drawing viewers deeper into Miruthan’s immersive universe.

“This video is a true invitation into our world,” says Ghost, the band’s vocalist, “It’s an exploration of the shadows that haunt our music, a glimpse into the dark folklore that inspires us.”

Black-Roos Entertainment presents

Newcastle – Hamilton Station Hotel – April 13th

Canberra – The Baso – April 19th

Sydney – Bootleggers– April 20th
(Metal United Down Under)

Newcastle – Hamilton Station Hotel April 27th
(Punk Vs Metal Feast!)

Hobart – Altar – May 03rd
Litaniae Noctis

Launceston – Gunners Arm Tavern– May 04th
Litaniae Noctis

Gold Coast – Mo’s Desert Clubhouse – May 30tt

Brisbane – The Backroom – May 31st

Port Macquarie – Planet Skate – June 01st *All Ages*

Melbourne – The Tote Upstairs – June 29th

Sunbury – Little Lucy’s Lounge – June 30th


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