Psychedelic doom band Owls & Eagles release debut album “Patience Vol. 1”

Owls & Eagles, a two piece psychedelic doom band from Calgary Alberta has released their debut album Patience Vol. 1 on June 1st through Moments Fest Records following the first single from the album called “Enlightenment”. 

The album is a concept album is a story and starts with Patience realizing her home has become poisoned by hate, greed, and corruption. She makes a choice; she chooses to leave this place she has called home since birth. For once in her life, she sees everyone for who they really are, liars, cheaters, destroyers, killers of the land, pure evil at its fullest. She leaves and never turns back.

Owls & Eagles are:

Mark Russell – vocals/drums

Ross ferguson – guitar/vocals

Connect with Owls & Eagles:


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