Punk Reviews: Buckled – OUSS…. EP

Buckled are a 4 piece party punk band from the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. They recently released their debut EP OUSS…. featuring 4 tracks and a runtime of just under 10 minutes

The opening track “Knock Knock” (2:28) starts with a sample from the 1997 movie “Orgazmo” the vocals chime in at the “Fuck Off” moment and the music starts, fast paced distorted power chords and a quick punchy bass line and solid drumming. After a quick few bars the music changes to jaunting shifts between two chords at a rapid pace and this is where you can tell there is two guitarists as you can hear layering. As the song nears the verse the bass and drums take the lead with some feedback noise from the guitars and an epic drum fill before everyone joins in and hammers out something with hardcore vibes. Interestingly the chorus parts feel more skate punk and the band pulls off some cool tempo changes in the song and the lyrical content is typical punk topics.

The second track “13 Fucks” (2:21) is a bit different, I really like the verse hook “I don’t give a fuck” although the chorus hook is not without its charm and this song has some Oi! Track 3 “Divided Kingdom” (2:53) is more fast and furious plus it has a guest vocalist, nice touch. The final track on the EP OUSS…. is “Kick-ons” (2:09) and it has some kick ass bass playing, this is the party punk song to finish up with. Good Shit

Buckled are

Nick – Guitar/Vocals

Matt – Guitar/Vocals

Brad – Bass

Gary – Drums


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