Remember our heritage!

Today we’re always searching for new music. That band that can give you the new kick, the new boost. And so do I! The last ten or fifteen years of so, I’ve been chasing the new stuff…. That new kick….

And to be honest, I haven’t really found anything these last 10 years that I really care about. Accept for Orbit Culture, the only band I’ve been listening to the last two years, and I think they are really bit a fresh of air of todays metal! After my discovery of this band, everything else sounds old and boring!

But that’s not was text is about. It’s about, in the hunt of new metal, hardrock or in general, music, there is the risk of forgetting our old heroes. Don’t forget to listen to those old records! It could be music from (in my case, the 80s, but also as “new” as the earliy year of 2000.

We have to remember that music, because it is our roots, it created the metal-heads of today! Never forget your upbringing and your musical heritage!

Here is some examples of my heritage that I don’t want to forget! (And yes, they are all from Scandinavia and in native language!) 🙂

Imperiet: live from 1985 (full concert):

From 1980, live at Gröna Lund in Stockholm:

Skambankt: From Norway!


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