ROTTING CHRIST Release First Single Like Father, Like Son

Rotting Christ has stood the test of time. While their name has caused plenty of gatekeepers to clutch their pearls, Sakis Tolis and his brother Themis have ascended from Greece’s blackened catacombs to one of metal’s most formidable bands.

In the echoes of heritage, ‘Like Father, Like Son’ emerges – a hymn that resonates with the timeless message of pride, honor, and the indomitable spirit of Rotting Christ. The first single off Pro Xristou presents a tale of the profound wisdom of a father’s legacy, a powerful testament to passion, love, and faith. Haunting whispers of a departed father linger, shaping the identity of the son who walks in his shadow.

Incredibly catchy riffs, supplemented by Themis’ steadfast drumming style create an anthem that stands through the ages. It’s impossible not to chant along Sakis’ fierce ‘Like Father, Like Son’ line during the song’s emblematic chorus that remains embedded in your memory long after the final notes ring out.

Pro Xristou comes out May 24 on Season of Mist.




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