SVALBARD are proud to release their breathtaking new studio album, The Weight Of The Mask. Uncompromising and highly charged, the record spans themes intrinsic to humanity, such as emotional strength and depression, to unrequited love and vulnerability.

The Weight Of The Mask is SVALBARD’s most devastatingly raw and beautiful work to date, overflowing with mesmerizing performances from Serena Cherry, Liam Phelan, Mark Lilley and Matt Francis, transcending boundaries across shoegaze, post-hardcore, black metal and more.
Serena Cherry stated:
“It feels pretty surreal to be releasing our fourth album today, after spending 2 years writing and recording it. It’s so exciting for these songs to be out in the wild, we can’t wait to see everyone’s reactions to this album!”

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Formed in Bristol UK, SVALBARD has previously released three studio albums, three EPs, and several split releases. Their exceptional last studio album, 2020’s When I Die, Will I Get Better? was dubbed by Metal Hammer UK as “the most important British metal record of 2020”, with both Metal Hammer and Kerrang! lauding the record as a top 10 album of the year. A career milestone, it cemented SVALBARD as a powerful and vital component of our global music scene.

Whilst refining their distinctive blend of euphoric black metal, post-rock, and d-beat, SVALBARD have incorporated a few more surprising influences along the way. From soft, mournful singing to progressive guitar leads, it showcases a sensitive dynamic that lends impact to their most crushing moments – of which there are undoubtedly many. There’s no poetry, no ambiguity – just direct, raw honesty as the quartet tackles some very uncomfortable subjects head-on. This is heavy in the most evocative sense of the word. The blunt lyrics are equally as important as the music.

Vocals/Guitar – Serena Cherry
Vocals/Guitar – Liam Phelan
Drums – Mark Lilley
Bass – Matt Francis


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