Absinthe From Society – Review

Rainy Saturday afternoon seems like a great time to listen to some new tunes, so what do we have today? Absinthe From Society!

I’ve listening to the whole EP twice (only 16 minutes), initially I thought the production quality was something that was lacking but after a couple of minutes the rawness really grew on me.

“Hellbent” is a great choice to open the EP with, as it would be for the opening song of a live show, plenty of grove and power, plenty of kicks, heavy rock style guitars and chugging bass (I like bands like this when you can really hear the bass.

‘A Man Possessed” has a Megadeth feel to it but not in a rip off kind of way…..(the clips that are available on youtube don’t really do the band much justice), single kick tempo and a great riff, then they throw in a some backing vocals to add another element. The guitar? it reminds me of something but I can’t put my finger on it.

Then the feel takes a different turn with “Never”, it has a darker more broody feel to it, again with the easily audible bass with somewhat of an urgent feel that you can’t help but move to.

And the closing track “Worth It” opens with piano and deep haunting vocals before opening the guitar tap, heavy but not brutal with clean vocals (male and female) just works in my books.

Over all I really like it, it’s over too soon but that might just be the right amount to get people hooked, I can’t help but feel the heavier edge will be the first thing lost as the band strives for more success, but I really hope not.

Absinthe From Society have not reinvented the wheel with this album but what they have done is make a really easy EP to listen to, great riffs and haunting vocals….the kind of music you can just throw on and follow it from beginning to end, sing along and move to. GIVE ME MORE!!

Metaldad \m/


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