Live: A 70s night at Royal Rock

Somewhat reluctant I was dragged to Royal in Eskilstuna on the 4th of March, to join an evening of 70th hard rock. I had only heard of one of these bands, and even then I had only listen to like two of their songs before. To make things worse, I was the designated driver, and my buddy was from it….

It turned out to be a hell of an evening. Three bands on the stage, about one hour each, and damn it, the all rocked! I had a stupid smile on my face the entire evening, headbanging as hell!

I have never heard these bands before, so it was kind of hard to keep up with the songs, but on the other hand, it was music that spoke to me – the entire evening!

First band out was a relative new band, called “Kometen”. They play their own music, and I get the feeling of Deep Purple and maybe a mix of like Steppenwolf and early ZZ-Top. 70s blues hard rock, with a struck of Swedish folk music.

They created a really groovy mood and I had to get up and rock! This is a band that I want to keep track of in the future! The only bad thing about the gig was the audience, we were like 20 people there. But I will give them an extra credit for not giving a… and just do a show like it was the biggest gig ever!

Second band out was Magnolia. A trio with strong vibes of Led Zeppelin, November and Black Sabbath. I really liked the bloke on the bass/vocals. He could really sing, and damn it, he kind of remind me of Steve Harris playing the bass. There were also times when I felt some Iron Maiden vibes in the music…

But the biggest feeling of the music was early Swedish hard rock. And the gig was awesome. It was hard rock and it rocked!

The last band out was Abramis Brama. The difference towards the other two bands is big. Abramis is a bigger band, and they played bigger stages, and it showed! The band starts to play, and the singer like dances onto the stage, barefoot and with a hook as his hand and he works the stage in a frenzy. I can really feel when he looks me in my eyes and just tell me to JUMP!

It’s a hell of a show, and I can’t stand still and the band work their asses off and finally people are starting to get in front of the stage. This band deserves a lot more audience.

In the most front row I actually find one of Sweden’s greatest TV-persons (Fredrik Lindström), and he really loves the show! He knows all the lyrics!

It’s loud, it rocks and it’s heavy as fuck! The roots are hard rock from the 70s, but the sound of it, it’s like it was written today. A bit flower-power? Yup! You really have to listen to the music – it’s from the 70s! But it’s cool as hell!

I kind of was forced to buy this ticket, but I’m so happy that I did! All of the bands were awesome, and I really loved that they went all-in despite the lack of people in the audience! I had a hell of a night!


Here some of the music:



Abramis Brama:


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