Album Review:Hybrid Nightmares Almagest

Hybrid Nightmares Almagest

Hybrid nightmares have come from a galaxy far away(Melbourne,Australia) to rain down musical destruction upon you all. Almagest is the first full length album from Hybrid Nightmares having already brought out five extremely solid EP’s already The first age, the second age, the thrid age the fourth age and the first being a self titled Ep.

Almagest has strong astral theme’s on this album as Almagest is also the name of an old book on astronomy. Almagest starts crushingly heavy

with a black/metal vibe and yet as Sol starts you really hear the depth to this band with some real killer progressive/metal feels coming into

this album. Ultor kicks back in to the heavy with that beat that has your head slamming right into the next track Jupiter.Saturni and Firmamentum

fit really good and really add to the epic feel to this album right before the absolute killer of a track Almagest which is also the album’s namesake coming in at over at eight minutes it is great track to end the album with. I really enjoyed this album and the previous EP’s by Hybrid Nightmares

Hybrid Nightmares are so much more than a black metal band and this album shows how good this band is. Hybrid Nightmares have carved out a solid reputation here in Australia with blistering live sets and are on the road at the moment her in Oz in support of Almagest so be sure to check them out

and get Almagest and support heavy metal \m/

\m/…Crannk Jai ………\m/

Hybrid Nightmares are

Loki Robson:Vocals

Ben Plant:Guitar

Michael Gumley:Guitar

Jonathan helwinter Trofimiuk:Bass

Adam Chapman:Drums

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