Crannk Chats with For The Wolves Vocalist/Guitarist Brad Andrew

Brisbane based hard rock outfit For The Wolves are gearing up to release their brand new single “Parable” September 25th, which follows on from “The Devil You Know” single which with “Parable” showcases the growth and evolution of For The Wolves.

For The Wolves worked with Luke Palmer(Dead Letter Circus) for production and Mixed by Forrester Savell who has worked with some amazing bands including, Karnivool, Butterfly Effect, Dead Letter Circus, Twelve Foot Ninja, Make Them Suffer and the list goes on but also gives you an idea of how good the mix, mastering, and production is for these tracks. I caught up with Guitarist/Vocalist Brad Andrews for a chat about both singles “Devil You Know” and the forthcoming “Parable”, the prior ep’s, and all things For The Wolves.

FOR THE WOLVES ARE: Vocals, Lead Guitar / Brad Andrew

Drums, Samples / Anthony Molyneux

Bass / Liam Thompson

Guitar / Cory Cook

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