Crannk Interviews In Eyes Vocalist Rosie

I recently had a chat with Rosie vocalist for the Electrifying alternative hard-rockers In Eyes. The three-piece comprised of Rosie Jacobson (vocals), Dylan Quigg (Guitar), and Kris Unwin (Drums) combine heavy guitars, hard-hitting drums, and powerhouse vocals to create a unique brand of melodic alt-rock that is only strengthened by their energetic on-stage delivery. 2018 saw a reinvention for the band with the release of the lovelorn power-ballad Silver Lining, which shows off the skills of its performers, and grows to an emotional, vocal-driven climax that hits right where it hurts. With more music on the way in 2020, In Eyes are a phenomenon worth keeping an eye on. In Eyes’ new single ‘Time Won’t Wait‘ was released into the world on Thursday 12th December on all online stores and streaming platforms at In Eyes Facebook Check out the interview and the latest clip for the single “Time Won’t Wait” at the youtube clips below.


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