Crannk reviw Luna Kills – Before the Satellites

Luna Kills is a hard rock band from Finland. The Band was originally formed in 2015 under name “Tocornal“, but they recently changed their name to Luna Kills. “Before the Satellites” is the bands debut album and was first released without a label in November 2018. Now they are signed with the Swedish label King2Music, with promotion from “Kingart Music Management” so in November 29th 2019 they re-released the album. Luna Kills are:
Lotta Ruutiainen – Vocals
Samuli Paasineva – Guitar
Lassi Peltonen – Bass
Maiju Mäki – Drums

I really think that this is really a great hard rock album with catchy songs and raw guitar-riffs. Lotta Ruutiainen has a very unique voice that fits the music really good. There are a good variation of songs, some just hard rock and some with almost a jazz-vibe to it. In the music world today where there are so many good bands out there, it’s important to I think to have a unique sound, and Luna Kills are defintly special.

I was trying to pick out one or two favourit songs, but that’s really hard to do. There is something unique with every song on the album. But if I have to choose I will go for “Violent Waters” and “Shake it”. But on the other hand, “God Bless” is also really cool and groovy!

If there is something negative with the album it would be the fact that of the 11 songs, 3 of them are just short fillers and doesn’t really contributet to the album. But it doesn’t matter, I really like this album! Check it out for your self here:

Youtube: Violent Waters

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