Crannk Interviews Kataklysm-Maurizio Iacono

I caught up with Maurizio Iacono (Kataklysm,Ex Deo, Invictus) to talk about the forthcoming album “Goliath” from the almighty melodic death metallers Kataklysm which is set to unleash on August 11th via Nuclear Blast.


Following the release of 2020’s highly acclaimed Unconquered album, KATAKLYSM had more time than usual to work on the follow-up album. Normally equipped with a release every two years, the band had the opportunity to really craft this album over the span of 3 years. GOLIATH, staying true to its name, is an aggressive and mean album that was a product of its own unique obstacles. “There’s a lot of anger but also a lot of darkness in this record, it reflects the current mood of the world” comments Maurizio Iacono. “GOLIATH is an album that searches deep into questioning things that are happening on a global scale and inside society itself, are you ok with everything you see?”

KATAKLYSM will deliver a one-two punch with the first and second singles that tell a concise story that is relatable to the current events happening worldwide. “Bringer Of Vengeance” opens with drop-tune guitars and takes the listener on a journey mashing together modern Metal and Djent components that are layered over the traditional Kataklysm sound. The second single “Die As A King” is the prequel to “Bringer Of Vengeance” and is the modern update of traditional death metal meets catchiness. The 2-part story will be accompanied by music videos. Tracks like “Dark Wings Of Deception” offer the more traditional galloping guitars over thrash/punk style drums and with black metal undertones.

GOLIATH was recorded at JFD Studios in Dallas, TX and Studio City, CA as well as The Cabin in Orlando, FL by J-F Dagenais, who also produced and engineered the album. For the mixing and mastering, the band returned to Chris Clancy with assistance from Colin Richardson. The cover artwork required an image that captured the iconic battle of David versus Goliath theme that is echoed throughout the album while matching the power of the music. The band handed the reigns to renowned Berlin metal illustrator Eliran Kantor (TESTAMENT, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE) who took the KATAKLYSM look and gave it a macabre filter that compliments the brooding sense of uneasiness that was felt during the writing and recording of the album.



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