Crannk review 51st Avenue – MIND YOUR OWN

This is supposed to be hard-hitting hyper-modern pop-rock from the inner suburbs of Sydney according to the press-material I got, but for me it’s just just-in-right-time hard rock that the rocking world needs right now! It’s hybrid between easy-listening rock to actually hard hitting rock. Great musicians and and a singer with a great voice and a band that can create really catcy chorus!

The band consists of Aly on vocals, Ash och guitar and Scott on the drums. They have released a couple of singles and I’ve listend to them all. I got this song “Mind Your Own” on a promo, but it was so good that I had to listen to all the music from the band! This song is a real slugger with shredding guitarrs and a really great chorus. Check out the other songs from this band, it’s really great!

I actually get a lot of nu-metal vibes from these guys (and I don’t mean that in a bad way!), and if this is pop music (as the press-release told me) well, this is the first time I head-banged to pop-music! Their music is modern and massive! The sound is all over the place, and it get me headbanging!

Stay tuned, I will try to get an interview later on with these guys! And follow them on Spotify:


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