Crannk Interviews Cryptopsy-Matt McGachy

I caught up with Canadian Death Metal Juggernauts Cryptopsy vocalist Matt McGachy to talk about the forthcoming album “As Gomorrah Burns” due out worldwide through Nuclear Blast on the 8th of September.

Death metal juggernaut Cryptopsy returns to pummel our collective senses anew with their new album, As Gomorrah Burns. Their first for Nuclear Blast, the Montreal-based quartet—featuring founding member/drummer Flo Mounier, guitarist Christian Donaldson, vocalist Matt McGachy, and bassist Olivier “Oli” Pinard—advance their signature Northern power as they celebrate 30-plus years of extremity. The merciless blasts of “Lascivious Undivine” and “Flayed the Swine” offer Cryptopsy at their most intense and maniacal, while “In Abeyance” and “The Righteous Lost” groove savagely. As Gomorrah Burns underscores the animus of fan-favorite None So Vile (1996) and the meticulous technicality of And Then You’ll Beg (2000) with a strikingly sinister vibe.

“As we were writing the new album, we kept asking ourselves if the music was too dark—too ominous,” says throat-master Matt McGachy. ”We were unsure that it would fit into the realm of what Cryptopsy had created over the past 20 years. As the songs came together, we saw the melding of darkness and groove-based riffs ‘vibed’ perfectly within the Cryptopsy ‘sound sphere.’ We also wanted to let our riffs breathe longer for the first time since None So Vile. We take forever to write and create these moments, so we decided to give them a tad more air and let them be repeated a few more times than we would have in the past.”

As Gomorrah Burns, out September 8th via @NuclearBlastRecords

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