Mike Goes To A Punk Party @ Trash Cult

Gig Review: Punk Party @ Trash Cult

Before you read this (or click on the links to the good stuff) I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the best regional show I’ve seen in years. It was great to see a couple younger punks at the show and even though I only included three photos of my own in this review, the other four hundred and something will soon be uploaded to the Punktoria page.

Rattleback started the place rocking, the three-piece Melbourne based band delivered a string of short, fast and loud songs. Interesting to watch a band without a guitarist, it didn’t take me long to notice the bassist has mad skills.

I was busy taking some photos but you could feel the energy in the room building and at some point I started screaming along to “Kills Fascists” at the top of my lungs (I lost my voice the next day).

Between Rattleback and Harold Holt Search Party playing I met the Trash Cult resident photographer, After a brief chat I asked about putting some of their work in my review. It turns out they like black and white shots and I have included a shot from each set in this review. I totally recommend checking out their work at DEATHHAWK PHOTOGRAPHY. Thanks mates

Harold Holt Search Party (the local band) played next, it’s the first time I’ve seen them perform with the new bass player Matt and I’m keen to see how they work together as a group. I got to hear some familiar early songs like “Heroin” and “Footy”, the later was noticeably different in the chorus without Fuzz, the previous bass player. Matt’s vocals are more clean/melodic and Matt seems more comfortable on stage, while Matt tried to move around a little throughout the set, the stage area might be a little small for a four-piece band. Harold Holt Search Party are getting better live every time I see them.

Wolfpack are the last band for the night and the previous bands had us pumped. Tom immediately addresses the crowd and introduces the band as they burst into their set, treating us to a few of the best songs from the bands discography. This is a world class band giving the same energy to less than a hundred people in an intimate venue located in a regional area. Fans were congratulated for helping this not for profit band raise important funds for fur babies, we were encouraged to start a circle pit, reminded of the golden rule, and even treated to a new song, which went down a treat with the crowd. By the end of the show everyone felt like part of the pack.


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