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Hailing out of Brisbane, Australia is a four-piece hard rock/metal act Pavilion formed by Vocalist/Guitarist Peter Muldoon and Guitarist Michael Fabricato. Although being relatively new to the scene Pavilion has certainly hit the ground running with their debut single release “Hellfire” a track that shows off their musical chops and also has some real lyrical hooks in it that had this song stuck in my head. Yesterday Peter and Michael graciously took some time out to go through a few questions for Crannk with Jai about Pavilion, Hellfire, first guitars and their upcoming tour.\m/

Q; First off can we start with who are Pavilion and how would you describe your sound? Peter: Pavilion are a four piece band from Brisbane. Our sound could be described as heavy rock and alternative metal, taking influence from bands such as Metallica, Alter Bridge, Trivium and Breaking Benjamin.

Q;How did Pavilion form?

Michael: Pavilion formed when we met one another by means of the internet and after realising we shared many of the same influences and musical goals we got the ball rolling and the search for a drummer and bassist began.

Q;When and how did you first start playing music?

Peter: I received an electric guitar for my 14th birthday and I have never looked back. Singing came years later and is still a personal work in progress.

Michael: I first started playing guitar ten years ago after I received my first electric guitar for Christmas.

Q:What was the first musical instrument you bought for yourself?

Peter: That would be my second electric guitar – a Gibson Explorer to mimic that of one of my all time favourite idols, James Hetfield of Metallica.

Michael: I believe it was a red Epihpone SG and unfortunately I dropped it and the headstock snapped. To this day I have not fully recovered.

Q:When and how did you get into heavy/alt music? Peter: I remember this so vividly. It was 1996 when I heard Metallica’s Motorbreath for the very first time. It was like this door had opened and the light shone through and I basically ran through that door as fast as I could. Michael: It was 2008 when I got my first guitar hero game and hearing Guns N Roses’ Welcome to the Jungle started it all for me.

Q:Hellfire is the first single and release from you Pavilion can you tell me first about what this track means for you? Michael: Musically this song brings us a massive sense of accomplishment as it is our hardest hitting song and this is a direction we are wanting to move in as we establish ourselves within the industry.

Peter: Lyrically this song explores the guilt and consequence associated with one’s sins using the ideology of hell and its demonic attributes.

Q:Why did you choose this track to be the first release for Pavilion to unleash upon the world? Peter: We wanted to come out with a bang and with the positive feedback from live shows and so many of our friends and family being into the heavier genres, we felt it was the right song to have as our first release.

Q:Can you tell us about the making of the film clip?

Peter: It was hot to say the least haha. We were fortunate enough to have access to a large property where we were allowed to set things on fire. It was a long process that took an entire day and night to film, and there were a few casualties including a melted drum, but with Third Eye
Visuals at the helm we were able to create something that we are really proud of.

Q:Pavilion have some upcoming shows can you tell us about what’s happening?

Michael: We kick off our Hellfire tour at the Woolly Mammoth in Brisbane on 17th August with Valhalla Lights, Zero 1 Zero and Void Matter, then we head down south to Sydney and Newcastle in September with local heavyweights Code Atlantic, Lost Without Life and Wolf Creek. This is our first tour as Pavilion so we are really excited!

Q:So what’s next for Pavilion going into the rest of 2019?

Peter: Following the release of Hellfire we will be turning our focus to the release of the full EP , which includes five yet to be heard tracks.

Michael: This will then be followed up by another tour where we hope to go as far as Cairns and Melbourne and everywhere in between.

Pavilion Facebook link here

Pavilion’s new single Hellfire is out now at all digital stores and streaming platforms at and tickets are on sale now for The Hellfire Tour, with details at!


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