Crannk Interviews Skinlab Frontman Steev Esquivel

Hailing out of the Bay Area of California is the almighty Skinlab with a career spanning 26 years, 8 albums and so many memories Skinlab has well and truly left their mark on the Heavy Metal scene. This was a really great chat I had with the frontman for the almighty Skinlab before we lost connection hoping to catch up with Steev again sometime and we can pick it back up. But we managed to talk about “Venomous”, the Bay Area Scene, Death Angel, Frankenbok, Machine Head, also how he went from drums to singing and playing bass, and some other really cool stories. This was also my 100th interview for Crannk so a big thank you to Steev for making it even more memorable and making some time for a chat and thank you to all you Crannkers for making this possible.
Art Is War Records
Skinlab Facebook



Steev Esquivel – Bass, Vocals

Snake – Lead Guitars

Fabian Vestod – Drums

Marcos Medina – Guitars


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