Crannk Reviews Arrowhead “Coven Of The Snake”

Arrowhead brotherhood fire an explosive, all killer/no filler triptych of volume, attitude and down-tuned grooves.Hitting you harder than a Frank Frazetta-airbrushed panel van travelling at 100mph, Arrowhead is very much a band defined by the riffs that raised them.” (Quote from PR)

Hailing from Sydney’s Underground rock scene Arrowhead are a hard rock band that have been laying down the riff since around 2008 their latest offering “Coven Of The Snake” is due to be released this coming week through Ripple Music on July 12.Coven Of The Snake follows on from 2010’s self titled Ep,2013’s Atomsmasher album and 2015’s Desert Cult Ritual. Arrowhead are a band heavily influenced by the greats Zeppelin,Floyd and Sabbath and a band that can deliver the goods with exceptional guitar playing,finely crafted lyrics and vocals all with the drummer providing the solid beat and back bone to Arrowhead.”Coven Of The Snake” is an album fully loaded and ready to strike with equal parts venomous riffs, mystic beats and infectious grooves.

The first track is “Coven Of The Snake” and is the title track of the album and has a really cool film clip to go with it,so on behalf of Arrowhead”Welcome to the coven of the snake so why don’t you join?”

Song two “All Seeing Eye” is an ode to the psychedelic side of the all seeing eye and the mushroom led strongly by the riff .The next track “Ceremony Of The Skull” is one of my favourite tracks on the album it has a great beat and riff that drive this song with great lyrics that weave this song together “Love and hate, contemplate, ceremony of the skull,manipulate, hallucinate, ceremony of the skull“.Arrowhead continue the tales of riff,down tuned grooves and the supernatural with “Ghost Ship“,”Root Of Evil” and “Dopanaught“.”March Of The Reptiles” is the second last song on Coven Of The Snake and another track of an extremely exceptional display of rock and riff by Arrowhead. Just watch out for when the reptiles march for war.The last song “Golden Thunder Hawk” is the longest song on Coven Of The Snake coming in at around 6:53 and a finely crafted finish to this amazing rock album.

“Coven Of The Snake”is available from July 12 through Ripple Music (Link Here) -Check out any of these links for more details and to purchase………


Brett Pearl – Guitar/Vocals
Matt Cramp – Drums
Arron Fletcher – Bass Guitar
Raff Iacurto – Guitar

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