Crannk Reviews Blind Man Death Stare “Comin’ In Hot” album

Blind Man Death Stare are a 4 piece punk rock band from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. These guys are pretty good at promotion so after letting us know months ago its about time i got to give the new album a listen 
Blind Man Death Stare released their new album “Comin’ In Hot” on the 18th of March and its some of their best work yet, from the opening track “Clock In Clock Out” which kicks off with the bands fast paced punk rock, to the ska punk vibes of the secret song.
The album contains a few tracks fans might already be familiar with like track 3 “Just Because It Feels Good” released as a single in February and track 7 “Comin’ In Hot” released as a single in March.
Overall this album was totally worth the wait, with lyrical content about having a good time, struggling against the daily grind and unjust cops, it already oozes appeal and the fast paced punk music fans love the band for, topped with that amazing ska style secret track.

Blind Man Death Stare is Parker – drums/lead vocals Joel – guitar/vocals Chris – bass/vocals Rian – guitar/vocals




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