Crannk Reviews Mazikeen- Solace Of Death album

Mazikeen is a Symphonic Black and Death metal project hailing from Melbourne, Australia formed in 2013.  After their self-titled EP, numerous singles, and a lineup change- “Solace of Death” is their full length release for 2020 and it is well worth the wait.

Incredibly tight drumming with hyper blasting leads the onslaught while all elements accentuate each other musically to bring forth an aural assault in “Apostate”. Melodic and mournful tones are features in the name sake track of this release, while epic elements and an occultic vibe bring forth another musical aspect to be appreciated by Mazikeen.

More symphonic death aspects are shown in some tracks while the use of ominous samples and strong synth adds an atmospheric and menacing touch. “Vexation through the Golden Sun” is clearly influenced by old school black metal influences with a heavy blackened death vibe, exceptional drumming and a touch of old school Dimmu Borgir influence.

Clean sections display the harmonic aspect of Mazikeen before launching the listener back into the symphonic blackened death assault. Epic elements, an occultic vibe to some tracks within this release and the aggressive and unrelenting start to “Fraticide” leading into a polished symphonic black metal track displays Mazikeens musical diversity and technical aspects.

A  mid-paced track in “Psychotic Reign” delivers a depressive, melancholy approach with a slightly gothic feel that shows another diverse aspect to be appreciated in the latter half of this release- which serves as a constant display of instrumental sections with symphonic sounds of layered piano.

Four covers on the end of the album display a full range of Scandinavian influenced black metal and symphonic black metal which I know to be influences of Mazikeen.

I have always enjoyed Mazikeen’s material- and this is yet another strong release. It’s been a pleasure to watch Mazikeen over the years and I will naturally look forward to their next release.

Review by Sarah McKellar

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