Crannk Reviews Thorn- “The Encompassing Nothing”

Thorn is a doom and death solo project from Phoenix, Arizona formed in 2020.

The Encompassing Nothing” is Thorn’s first full-length release filled with meaty, doomy caveman riffs, deep guttural vocals, and forceful and unrelenting riffs that will not quit. The old school cavernous feeling and use of melodic riffs that occur frequently cause the listener to involuntarily headbang. “The Encompassing Nothing” is one such track within this release that does this and is an excellent namesake track for this release.

The vocals are at the forefront but offset by the deeper tones of the music while chunky slams and riffs are in use in some tracks adding a heavy, hypnotic feel to the ending. “Returning to Dust” concludes this release in an instrumental, atmospheric start before shifting into a mournful vocal section that provides an almost ambient ending.

I personally really enjoyed “The Encompassing Nothing” and my only complaint is that it didn’t last for longer. I  genuinely look forward to hearing what Thorn has in store for the future.

Review by Sarah McKellar

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Mixed and Mastered by Prey For Death Productions
Artwork by Such Is Life


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