Crannk Reviews Morgan Rider And The Deep Dark River chapter 2 “Leviathan And The Deep Dark Blue” album

Folk, Blues bringers of doom Morgan Rider And The Deep Dark River are tomorrow releasing their second chapter “Leviathan And The Deep Dark Blue” through North Soul Records. If you haven’t heard of Morgan Rider, he is a very talented Candian musician who is also Vocalist/Bassist for Vesperia and an accomplished solo artist, Deep Dark River was originally started as a solo project for Morgan Rider to record and release dark folk covers of popular artists such as Bob Marley, Louis Armstrong and Johnny Cash on Youtube. “Leviathan And The Deep Dark Blue” continues from the first chapter and creates an album that concentrates on storytelling through music combining Folk, Blues, Doom and classical elements to craft and weave a story and musical experience led by the powerful voice of Morgan Rider that will truly echo and resonate with the listener. All lyrics and concepts from the first chapter “King Of The Forest” released earlier in the year and chapter 2 “Leviathan and the Deep Dark Blue” are set within an alternate timeline and dimension of earth, including its geologic history and eras of human civilization. The stories contained within the Deep Dark River albums, as well as the albums of his other band (Vesperia) are peripheral to a book series Morgan has also been writing and working on for the last nine years and currently has plans to publish this soon.

Morgan Rider adds: “I and the guys are really excited to bring you part 2 of the Deep Dark River Quadrilogy! I have been working so hard on all this music, having the stories connect and the music itself reflecting the plot of each. This is definitely the most time I have ever spent on a music project before. I hope people enjoy it as much I did create it!”

“Leviathan And The Deep Dark Blue” truly is an album to shut the shades and just get lost within, I can only recommend that you play this as a whole from start to finish.

Track Listing: 
1 – Beneath The Crushing Tides (2:12)
2 – The Immeasurable Fathoms (6:35)
3 – Dread (4:38)
4 – Ignite The Tempests (5:01)
5 – The Seafaerers (4:50)
6 – When The Waves Are Stilled (7:15)
7 – Where the Light May Never Reach (2:53)
8 – The Immeasurable Fathoms (Acoustic) (4:59)
9 – Dread (Acoustic) (4:00)
10 – Ignite The Tempests (Acoustic) (5:33)
11 – The Seafaerers (Acoustic) (5:02)
12 – When The Waves Are Stilled (Acoustic) (5:28)
Album Length: 58:31

Morgan Rider & The Deep Dark River, Morgan Rider-Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Slide Guitar, Piano, Synth, and Percussion / Nathen Morrison on Cello and Ty Burt on the Mandolin for the recording line up.

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