Crannk Reviews Red Cain “Kindred Act 1”

Emerging out of the growing metal scene in Calgary AB, Red Cain are a melodic metal band with an amazingly great and epic sound,that has elements of progressive rock with symphonic metal. They unleashed their self titled EP in 2016 to rave reviews and have returned in 2019 with this absolutely epic and mighty debut full length album “Kindred Act 1” due to be released March 1st 2019.Described by front man Evgeniy Zayarny as wanting to bring back the “Devil’s Music” mysticism all too often missed in modern acts,Red Cain delivers flair,groove,melodies and an intricate lethal edge in their music .I couldn’t be more impressed with this band and album from the opening track “Snake Bouquet” to the last track “Wing Of The Crow” which is an awesome closing track with guest vocals from Kobra Paige of Kobra and The Lotus. This album takes you on a epic and melodic journey, I feel fans of bands from Avatar to Kamelot to Marilyn Manson and anything in between will really love this album as have I. “Kindred Act 1” was produced by Sascha Laskow (Every Hour Kills, ex-Divinity) with the band at Perfect Filth Studios and besides featuring Kobra Paige (Kobra And The Lotus) on “Wing Of The Crow”, Daniel Louden (Benevolent Like Quietus) appears on “Juliet” and guitarist Tyler Corbett on “Midnight Sarabande”..Thsi is an album to Crannk right up and enjoy the journey.

Evgeniy Zayarny – Vocals
Brendan Doll – Guitar
Noah Bockmuehl – Guitar
Rogan McAndrews – Bass
Taylor Gibson – Drums

Kindred Act 1 and their other singles and releases available for pre order from bandcamp

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