CRANNK’S 2018 Aussie Metal Year in Review

Hey Crannkers hope you have all had a kick ass 2018 loaded with great metal/live shows and memories where ever you are.Here in Australia we have had an absolutely amazing year for Aussie Metal.As the 2018 year winds up and we approach 2019 it is that time of year to look back on the year that was in Aussie metal and I have compiled a list and clips from some of my favourite Australian releases of 2018 (they are in no particular order). All the best for the rest of 2018 Have a very Metal Holiday season, Stay Safe, be cool to each other and Crannk and myself look forward to Crannking up the Metal in 2019 with you all.                                                                                                                               CRANNK & Jai That Aussie Metal Guy

Psycroptic – As The Kingdom Drowns

Southeast Desert Metal- Break The Silence

Battlegrave- Relics Of A Dead Earth 

Depravity- Evil Upheaval 

In:Extremis- The Human plague vol 1&2

Captives-Over The Rainbow

Emecia-Familiar Spirits

Hadal Maw- Charlatan

Tapestry-Ghost Of Me

Snakes-Pure Evil

Good Time Aussie Bogalars-Keep It In Ya Fuckin Head

Parkway Drive-Reverence

Requiem-And The Earth Grew Dark



Red Bee-Silent Enemy

Flynn Effect-Monument EP


As A Rival- Griefers

Pagan-Black Wash


生 Conform 死- Circa ’94

Valhalore-Solace & Solitude

Artemis Blade-As Above…So Below

Triple Kill-Age Of Rebellion

Fall and Resist-Fading Cinders

To An End-Redefine

Superheist- Lights (Ep) and The History Between Us(album)

The Ascended-Awaken Within


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