Heavy SA Fest,8thof April 2017

HEAVY SA FEST 8th of April 2017

South Australia hold your metal heads high 12 hours of metal and 18 bands  all from South Oz. I heard In:extremis were reforming for this and Truth Corroded were going to be there so I wasn’t missing it.

The day started off with a couple of up and coming  bands , the first was I,Icarus a young and upcoming band with an awesome heavy sound, then Freedom of Fear the singer came out and she walked up to that mic and gave it all was still early in the day but the crowd started to move, with a voice a little like like Arch Enemy.

I Protagonist with two vocalists and Sedulous Rouse were next and they kept the brutality going, then Born of Dust hit the stage and I had heard some good things about these guys and was really impressed. Up after BOD was The One Within and the singer had brought her 96 year old grandma to see her play thought that was a really cool thing to do ,she had a voice that kinda sounded like Otep cross Maria Brink the guitars were awesome.

Swamp Lung hit the stage next with all I can say is sludge metal at its finest if you like your metal deep and chugging check these guys out. Ice on Mercury were up after with a big local following the crowd whipped into action.

Seminal Embalmment were Death metal and if you like bands like Deicide check these guys out.

Arcadia had a metal core sound with two vocalist changing from one song to the next which I must say was really impressed.

In the Burial can not say enough about this but was really amazed with this band Female vocals and she had a sound that was amazingly brutal and beautiful the band and singer were seamless.

Octanic kicked off with their brand of metal catchy great guitars and vocals.

Truth Corroded hit up next and these guys by far are one of the best metal/thrash bands in this fine country of ours the singer Jason North is the man behind the day and  a great ambassador of the local metal scene. Got to hear a new song off the new album coming later in the year which I eagerly await.

Funeral Moon another brutal Adelaide death metal band, hit up next followed by A Ghost Orchestra who had just brought out a new album earlier in the year.

Se Bon Ki Ra an Adelaide favourite with great hooks straight up metal, really cool guys one of the guitarist was in the Truth pit arm around my shoulder screaming along to Hunt all Heroes. Following up was Beyond Mortal Dreams death metal with an awesome sound .

By this time of the day I was very sore and feeling all 36 years of my age but In:Extremis were next and they had just recently reformed. In:extremis are headed up by Simmo Durrant bass player for Superheist another great aussie band and I wasn’t missing this so I made my back to the front of the stage in anticipation. Then the Madness begun they hit the stage and the crowd whipped into action. Looking forward to these guys bringing out a new album later in the year.

The day/night was great it was really good to see even on a showdown weekend this sold out before the day with lots of people supporting the local metal scene. The Australian Metal scene is looking really good and proud to be apart of it.

\m/ review by Jai Anderson


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    1. Hellyeah that’s the way mate there are some awesome shows still to come in Adelaide Byron ,will be a 2017 filled with metal \m/

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