I’m a big fan of the folk punk scene in Australia and the biggest event on the calendar for that crowd is HOBOFOPO.

Folk Til Ya Punk Records has been talking about the 4th annual event HOBOFOPO 2019, which will be held from the 31st of October through 3rd of November and have announced 6 acts to showcase the diversity of the festival this year, including 2 bands, 2 duo’s and 2 solo artists


The Ramshackle Army.jpg

The Ramshackle Army are a 6 piece high energy Celtic punk band from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I’ve been listening to this band since they released “Life Lessons and Drunken Sessions” back in 2011. The bands live performances are high in energy and showmanship making them a must see for fans of the celt-punk genre.  Bandcamp Link

The Crooked Fiddle Band 2019 Photo landscape_resized.jpg

The Crooked Fiddle Band are back after a 2 year journey of writing and recording new material, the band will be launching a new album. This band formed in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia back in 2006 and they describe themselves as a “chainsaw-folk ensemble” which is actually very fitting. Bandcamp Link


crywank press shot.jpg

Crywank who are the only international act named so far, this duo hails from Manchester, UK and have been around for about 10 years now. They have been described as the UK’s biggest anti-folk punk band. The last time this band were in Australia was 2017 and they were playing sold out shows at the time, probably due to the reputation for an amazing live show. Bandcamp Link

Knifey spoony.jpg

Knifey Spoony, who are a favourite of mine. They are a folk punk duo are from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. The pair write and play catchy songs about topics like social justice and sustainable living, the music is made up of vocals, guitar, harmonica and euphonium.Bandcamp link



Claire Anne Taylor, the local talent has a soulful folk kind of sound. 

Billy Puntton is a solo artist from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Links Folk Til Ya Punk webpage and HOBOFOPO 2019 info LINKHOBOFOPO FacebookFolk ‘Til Ya Punk The Ramshackle Army The Crooked Fiddle Band Knifey SpoonyBilly PunttonClaire Anne Taylor Crywank


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