Introductions – Metaldad

My name is Adrian, some of you may know me from my “Metaldad” days but for those that don’t, I come from the Pantera, Sepultura days of metal but my tastes have HEAVILY morphed over the years from Faith No More to Dimmu Borgir, Scar The Martyr to Motionless In White.

I’m all about the music, love heavy tuned guitars, blast beats and great hooking riffs!!

I started “Metaldad” just to share my taste in music and my opinion (not that anyone should care what I think) but I felt rushed for time and that, with only my opinion given it seemed a little one dimensional.

So, I sat back and thought about things……….hmmmmm………..something that would spread the load and give a different perspective……………then one day I was chatting to two of my best friends about music and “bling” there is was.

I asked Peter and Marie if they were interested and they were stoked, so here we are.

We all come from different parts of the world, have different (yet similar) tastes in music, have different backgrounds, speak different languages…………………….how cool is that?

Metal dad, Another Hell

For me, I’m always on the search for new music like this, In Search Of Solace

Well, I hope you enjoy the journey!



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