Live review Bolzer, Watain and Behemoth

The venue was “Max Watt’s” (Hifi) in Brisbane’s WestEnd (Brisbaiiine as Erik from Watain pronounced it), sound was great, beers were pretty well priced ($8) but as like the Cherry Bar in Melbourne the “carpet” had morphed into some sticky carpet, lino hybid but at least the toilets were……..usable after the show…………………unlike the Cherry Bar.

I’m a relatively late comer to Behemoth, Evangelion was the first album that I bought and what a fucking album!! I then went back through their past albums so i was pretty stocked to get the opportunity to catch them live.

The opening band was Bolzer? Never heard of them….but fuck , can they make some noise for a two piece band?! They were a bit of a……heavy… metal……Mastodon……style…..

metaldad, bolzer, behemoth, watain, crannk, brisbane, australia, 2015, the satanist tour,

Bolzer warming the crowd for Watain and Behemoth

Then……Watain! Now Watain, I never really got Watain but the dude standing next to me was air drumming and air guitaring and I thought “I’m missing something here” and with that I made a note so self to look further into Watain when I got home.

Watain, metaldad, crannk, Behemoth, brisbane, 2015, the satanist tour

Watain in red

watain, australia, brisbane, behemoth, crannk, metaldad

Watain brutalizing an eager crowd

Watain were fantastic, great sound, lots of energy and fucking brutal! I have since grabbed a copy of “The Wild Hunt”.

Then the mighty Behemoth hit the stage and from the opening song I knew this was going to be one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, sound was perfect (first show I’ve actually watched, I stood at the sound desk), lights were good but what got me was how much of a great front man Nergal is, he moved around and interacted with the crowd really well, his voice was huge but also the amount of singing that Orion does and what a fucking beast of a man he is!!

behemoth, Brisbane, Metaldad,, CRANNK, Australia, black metal, 2015

That’s Behemoth amongst the crowd

Behemoth, satan, black metal, australia, metaldad

Behemoth finishing the show with “O Father O Satan O Sun”

METALDAD, crannk, BEHEMTH, WATAIN, BOLZER, Brisbane 2015, satanist tourmetal dad, australia, behemoth, crannk, bolzer, max watts, hifi, brisbane, west endcrannk, metal, black metal, behemoth, watain, australia 2015, metaldadBehemoth ripped through their set, smashing out “At The Left Hand Ov God”, “Ov Fire And Void”, “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel”, “Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer” plus many more…..

Here’s my short clip, I really didn’t think it would come out too well……..should have filmed more….

And just one parting clip, I lost my shit during this song!

Have you seen them on this tour? we’d love to see you pictures from the show.

Metaldad m/


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