Q & A-Ben Pennifold- Where The Devil-Latest single ‘Moments of Tangency’ Due April 2nd

Newcastle metal band Where the Devil is back with a new single and video, ‘Moments of Tangency‘. Due out in only a couple of days April 2nd

‘Moments of Tangency’ sees the band ramp up the aggression and the groove for round two.
Mixing elements of Pantera, Fear Factory, Soulfly, and even a little Periphery into the mix,’ Moments…’ takes the listener on
a bruising journey of betrayal, hatred, self-loathing, and spiraling inner turmoil. Broken up by moments of emotional clarity.

Q: What is a moment of tangency?

A: The tangent to a plane curve is the point where the line just nicks the curve, where they share precisely the same angle, before separating again and carrying on to infinity. WTF am I going on about… basically humans who share everything in common, except for time and place. Those magic moments when worlds collide… Cue Powerman 5000

Q: Can you walk us through the meaning of the lyrics – the story behind them?

A: I may have to save that one for another time and place. However, take what you want from them. Things happen for a reason. Try and stay alert to the cues the universe throws your way.

Q: For people that have not heard WTD yet, how would you describe your sound?

A: A massive wall of badass riffs, monstrous low end and driven along with pummelling drums, with vocals that are abrasive enough to strip paint of the wall, yet legible enough to make one bang their fucking heads and scream back the words in time.

Q: You released your debut single, ‘Beast’, almost a year ago. What has the band been up to since then?

A: We focused on the brand, set out the plan to release new music, video clips, engaged the right people and kept writing new material. All of which has been a challenge during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Q: You had your first gigs booked this time last year. It must have sucked having to cancel your first shows so close to the big night…

A: It was! We were match fit. Polished is an understatement. We were fine tuned and had the set timed down to the second. So, we’re looking forward to hitting the stage and ripping it up in the very near future.

Q: What do you think the live scene is going to look like going forward?

A: I’ve really no idea. I hope it’s a return to the good old days where you could wrap your arm around your mates or the shoulder of a stranger and bang your heads to metal. Until Covid is under control, its going to be tough going.

Q: So, it sounds like you have some more songs still to come out? What can we expect?

A: We’ve been busy writing and are pumped to hit the live circuit. The beauty of the last year has been a definite vision on how we proceed to unleash on the masses. In regards to what can you expect…? Riffs, badass bass, pummelling drums and brutal vox.

Q: What are the biggest goals for Where the Devil in 2021?

A: Release further film clips, compile an EP to release, continue to reach out to those passionate likeminded heavy music fans to come along to see our live shows when they finally happen.

Q: You guys look pretty energetic in the video for ‘Moments…’ Can we expect a heavy show when you finally hit the stage?

A: Thanks, yeah it’s going to be massive. Bring another set of pants… you will shit yourselves.

Q: Any parting words of wisdom?

A: Healing is more about accepting the pain and finding a way to peacefully co-exist with it. 

Ben Pennifold – Vocals
Rob Carstein – Drums
Ben Hosking – Guitar
Rachel McGuire – Bass



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