Submerge Insert Control Album review

Submerge “Insert Control” Album review

Submerge are a hard rock/ metal band from Adelaide, Australia and I came across this band attending a show last year                                                 

and they blew me away with their energy and sound that sits nicely right on the line of hard rock and metal.

And this debut album from Submerge Insert Control has done the same and blown me away. With 8 amazing tracks that are all the

things a great hard rock/ metal album should be raw, powerful, thought-provoking, driven and just damn exciting.

The guitar, bass and drums are all spot on and you can hear that the band are a tight-knit unit and with Aaron’s powerful voice this album will

have you rocking out and screaming along. ( I know I was )

Insert Control is a stand out album with an awesome sound, and Submerge are an amazing band live with a really big rockin’ sound and always put on a

kick-ass show. Please if you do anything today, do yourself one favour and make the time to check out Submerge and their album Insert Control.

Here is the Film clip for Last Words

Submerge are:

Aaron : Vocals

Sally:  Guitar

Nick:  Guitar

Pearl:  Bass

Dan:  Drums

Review by Jai Anderson Crannk \m/

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