Time for CRANNK to go political!!

Today I read a bunch of crap on Facebook, and later this evening I happend to actually understand what the video “Bloody Angel” by Avatar was really all about. If I combine these two events, I realize that I have to raise my voice! And I have to use our site, that really shouldbe about heavy metal, but now I have to take a stand!

This is what metal is to me: Everybody is a metal-head, no matter where the come from!!

Now it’s time to take a stand! That’s what I’m doing here at Crannk right now! The racism that is in Swedish society today isn’t good in any way! It will only lead to violence!

Yes, I agree, we should be able to discuss the flow of imigrants. But not in the way that we’re doing it today. Today, politicians in Sweden just change their way according to how much the party of Sweden Democrats are screaming (from now on, I will only mention them as SD, coz there is nothing democratic about this party). And SD has created an amazing propaganda-machine that eats its self in to the Swedish society!

The only thing that SD do today (and they are part of the Government!!), is to create a feeling of we and them and create tensions in the country. These tensions will only make people turn on each other, and eventually, if SD get what it wants, create small gestapos, hunting refugees and people that feel otherwise!

They have created sites on the internet, called Free times and Depixeled (Fria Tider and Avpixlat in Swedish if you want to look them out), and the only reason for this, is to corrupt real news and government decisions. And the big problem with this is that people, people like you and me and all of your friends – misunderstand it or take it as a truth. And that’s exactly what they want.

They want to create tension between people, and I am so damn afraid, they keep on growing power all the time!! I really don’t want to have SD as the leading party here in Sweden. They are old-school Nazis!

And the real problem is, there is no real resistance!

The ones voting on SD and following the propaganda don’t understand! Think Germany in the 1930th!!!  People are starting to get fanatic and I am scared!

There is no debate today, only cries for war!

Check out these videos and you might understand what I’m talking about:

Bloody Angel by Avatar:

And here’s a song from Knogjärn, showing what we all have to see:

This is Peps from Crannk!



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